Rescue Your Data
Sussex-based Data Recovery Specialists
What Can We Recover?

Hard Drives - We can recover from Hard Drives including 1.8, 2.5 & 3.5" Drives, as well as Solid State Drives.  We can recover from operating systems including NTFS, HFS, FAT & Linux.  Some common symptoms of failed Hard Drives are a clicking/grinding noise, a burning smell, freezing whilst in use & loss of data/partitions.

USB & Memory Cards - We can recover from USB Sticks, Memory & Flash Cards.

Cameras & Camcorders - Modern digital cameras and camcorders contain memory cards which we can recover.  Some contain internal memory which can also fail.

RAID Recovery - We can recover from RAID Arrays including RAID0, 1 & 5.  Most NAS devices contain some form of RAID structure, which can also be recovered.  When failure occurs it is important to number your drives so we can determine their order.  This is essential when you need data recovering.  RAID recovery can be a complicated process, so please try to record all noises and circumstances leading up to failure, as this will help with recovering and reconstructing your RAID Array.

Mobile Phones - Most modern Mobile Phone handsets contain memory cards which we can recover.  Mobile Phones also contain internal memory which can be recovered, as well as SIM Cards, which can contain contact and message details.

MP3 Players - Some MP3 Players contain 1.8" Drives, and others contain Solid State internal memory.  We can recover data from MP3 Players, iPods, iRivers as well as other media players.


We can physically repair Hard Drives and USB devices to recover your data.  We will always contact you before carrying this out to give you an estimate on cost.

With all devices there is a £20 evaluation fee.

We will require payment if we can recover your data or your drive is physically damaged and we need to purchase donor parts.

Please do not send your computer... we only need the hard drives.