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Terms & Conditions

These are the Terms and Conditions that apply to all Goods and Services supplied to you by  Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully.

Your statutory rights are not affected by these Terms and Conditions. 

·       Contracts formed between and Clients shall be governed in accordance with English Law. 

·       The Client gives our technician permission to carry out the work on the media in need of data recovery. 

·       The Client agrees to allow our technician to remove the device from their premises if required.

· reserves the right to deny the return of any data recovered if all fees are not paid in full. also reserves the right to deny service to business's or persons that have bad credit history.

·       It may be necessary to void warranty stickers on hardware in order to perform data recovery.  It is assumed the Client allows this, and that is not liable for future warranty claims on the hardware in question.

·       Replacement media storage devices required to complete a job are subject to availability.  We will not be liable for compensation or damages if these goods are not available.

·       We will purchase blank media devices on your behalf and the cost will be passed onto you with an additional £5 handling charge.  You will only own the goods once full payment is received, and in the case of cheques, cleared. 

·       All media devices are tested as working when we purchase them, however we will not be liable for returns of faulty goods once they are passed on to the Client.  To return parts please follow the returns procedure detailed under the Warranty supplied with the product. We do not accept liability for the cost of returns, or returns that are damaged in transit/not received.

· will not be liable for damage caused to other equipment by goods supplied. 

·       We do not accept responsibility for websites not under our control which may have acted as a portal for our site.

·       The client is eligible for the No Payment offer if our technician is unable to recover any data from your hardware.

·       To qualify for the No Payment offer, the Client must allow us sufficient time to access and assess the media from which data is to be recovered. It is assumed that 14 days is sufficient time to access and assess most media devices. Should we require more time to effectively assess your hardware, our technician will inform you within 7 days.

·       It is at the technicians' discretion whether or not data recovery is possible.

·       If a drive has been previously opened or taken apart, may charge a £100 open-drive fee before carrying out any recovery work.

· does not accept liability for any data or software lost, deleted, corrupted or altered during the data recovery process.  The Client accepts full responsibility for their own software and data. 

· shall have no liability to the Client for any loss, damage, expenses, costs or other claims for compensation arising from any device or instructions supplied by the Client which are inaccurate, incorrect, incomplete, illegible or in the wrong form, or arising from their late arrival or non-arrival, or any other fault of the Client.

·       We do not accept liability for damage caused by or resulting from viruses or other malware that may have been transmitted during data recovery or escaped detection.

·       The Client understands that the recovery of data can not be guaranteed, the media is already damaged and further attempts to recover data can damage the media further.

·       The Client understands that some applications may no longer work properly after the data recovery process.  It is the Clients responsibility to reinstall or reconfigure any such applications.

· will pass any prohibited material in relation to child exploitation found on media devices to the police without notifying the Client.

· reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time.